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Sparkler Filter Press -ZERO HOLD UP -14” X 10 PLATES :

It  consists of a strong S.S. tank with a S.S. top dish end. The tank is mounted on a bottom cover. The filtering unit shall be fitted in the centre of the tank and consists of one set of S.S. plates with performed screens and interlocking cups. The S.S. bottom cover fits on the gasket and the tightening ring nuts provided leak proof seal. An air vent is  provided on the top and pressure gauge is provided at the inlet connection.

Specification :
Diameter of Plate 14” 
No. of Plates 10
Total Filtration Area  1.4 m2 
Total Cake Holding Cap. 45 Kgs. 
Hydro Test Pr.  4 Kg./Cm2 
Output  3000 L/Hr 
Material Of Construction
Wetted Parts  S.S. 316 L
Non Wetted Parts S.S. 304 
Trolley S.S. 304 
Seal Material  Food Grade Silicon
Surface Finish  Polished
Connection :
Inlet  1 ½ “ NB nozzles 
Oulet  1 ½ “ NB nozzles 
Air Vent  ¼ “BSP 
Sampling valve  ¾ “ NB nozzle 
Jacket Details :
Inlet  3/8 “ BSP
Oulet  3/8 “ BSP
Condense water Outlet  3/8 “ BSP
MOC SS 304 


Other Specifications
Pump Specification :
Model No.  MMCP3HP
Type  Centrifugal pump 
Capacity (L/ Hr.)  12000 (depends upon viscosity of liquid) 
Wetted Parts  S.S. 316 
Non Wetted Parts  S.S. 304 
Connection Type  NOZZLES 
Suction 1 ½ “ 
Discharge  1 ½ “ 
Gasket  Silicon Food Grade 
Drive  Non - FLP Motor (415 V/ 3 . / 50 C/S)
Motor RPM  2800
Motor HP  3
Mobile Trolley S.S. 304 Trolley with castor wheel and handle to  filter press, Centrifugal pump and Interconnecting pipe line. 



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